Collaborative Divorce Attorney and Mediator

Serving Portland and Beaverton, Oregon

Tonya's law practice is exclusively devoted to helping families find a peaceful, litigation free, resolution to their legal issues with as little conflict and stress as possible. This includes the collaborative method, Wevorce mediation, "kitchen table settlement," uncontested divorce, legal coaching of self-represented clients and mediation. Tonya is pleased to assist clients with the following domestic relations issues:
  • Collaborative legal separation and divorce
  • Amicable, uncontested separation and divorce
  • Unmarried parents cases involving custody, parenting time and child support
  • Modification of custody, parenting time and support
  • Paternity
  • Domestic partnerships/same sex marriages
  • Asset and liability distribution / child and spousal support issues
  • Mediation of all family law matters


Tonya's style is to provide compassionate, fair and affordable services and reasonable divorce alternatives. Tonya is pleased to provide Mediation, Co-Mediation and Legal Services ranging from hourly "pro-se coaching," or unbundled legal services, to full representation in Collaborative Method cases or Wevorce mediation. See for Tonya's local practice group site and for the international collaborative site, as well as for our Oregon state site to learn whether collaborative law or mediation is right for you and your family. If you are in need of a trial attorney, Tonya will not be the one to represent you, but is happy to provide referrals based on your individual needs.


Tonya has over 15 years of experience handling family law matters in Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, Yamhill and Columbia Counties. For a free initial telephone consultation regarding an Oregon family law or mediation question, or to learn more about Collaborative law and mediation as an alternative to litigation, you may contact Tonya Alexander of Alexander Law, P.C. at (503) 531-9109.

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